Almond Crunch


Almond Crunch - This brightening scrub is made from cold pressed almond oil, organic sugar, the finest coarse dead sea salt and vitamin E. We have added our decades old healing plants that have been cured for months and soft scented Lavender. Suitable for all skin types. Almond Crunch aids in restoring a youthful glow to your skin by diminishing dull skin, dark circles, and crows feet. Many people have stated that Almond Crunch is sought after for its powerful characteristics that aid the body as an anti-depressant, an aphrodisiac, and its confidence boosting qualities it has on the mind. 

Do not get in your eyes. This product is all natural just rinse with warm water if this happens.

8 oz. Green Jar/ flat black lid. Each container is Eco-Friendly - Renewable, Recyclable, and Pretty.