A Mothers Love Oil


A Mothers Love Oil - This is our signature oil and people often call it "Liquid gold." Crafted with the ancient anti-aging properties of organic Comfrey and Lavender (from plants and roots that stem back over 60 yrs old). People that have used A Mothers Love Oil have had positive results in combating burns, scrapes, cuts, diaper rash, wounds, skin afflictions, diminishing scar tissues, acne and acne scarring, muscle pain, dryness and eczema and also tears in myofascial tissues. Reports have indicated that A Mothers Love Oil decreases the skins healing time in 1/3 of the time.

People using A Mothers Love have found that their stretch marks, age spots, and staff infections have been known to lessen and in most cases are eradicated.  Additionally, "A Mothers Love oil" will work very hard on healing partially torn muscles, ligaments and hair line fractures. A Mothers Love oil, besides being a wonderful healer, is also a moisturizer which combats the natural aging process of your skin.

Our highest intent of love and healing is in every bottle. Daily use will help you and your skin recapture it's youthful, healthy glow.

4 oz. Tall green bottle/gold top. Each container is Eco-Friendly - Renewable, Recyclable, and Pretty.